Tax Form 1040 is a superb website with downloads of many of the 1040 forms.

You can download them and learn all about how they are used.

Here are some of the forms on the website.

  1. There is 4868 application for extension to file!
  2. There also is publication 17 tax guide, which is informative,
  3. A regular 1040 and inst.
  4. 1040A and inst.,
  5. 1040ES and inst. for estimated tax,
  6. 1040 EZ and inst. for single or joint when you have no dependants,
  7. 1040 Sch A and inst. a simple form,
  8. 1040 Sch. B and inst. for interest and dividends etc.,
  9. 1040 Sch. C and inst. for profit and loss form business of a sole proprietorship,
  10. 1040 Sch. D and inst. for capital gains and losses,
  11. 1040 sch. SE and inst. for self employment,
  12. 1040X for amendment,
  13. Tax increases for 2013,
  14. Tax Bracket changes in 2012,
  15. Printable monthly calendars, and ...
  16. The Original 1913 - 1040 form! It is 100 years old this year.
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